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The future is now: empower your company

Apply the latest technologies for data analysis and become a part of the Industry 4.0.
digital revolution

Optimize your processes with a team of experts

Applicando le ultime tecnologie di big data e intelligenza artificiale è possibile potenziare le performance della tua azienda. Migliora la produttività dei tuoi processi, riduci i costi di gestione, aumenta la competenza digitale dei tuoi collaboratori e ottieni un maggior controllo sui processi operativi chiave.


We develop new solutions to meet your goals.


Be part of the Industry 4.0

European projects

Full and specialized support in European projects.

Our expertise

You got challenges, we got skills

Discover how moltosenso can support you in your company’s digital transformation.

Business Intelligence

Using our dashboards, you will constantly have the information you need to effectively plan your business.

Process Optimization

Our optimization algorithms can be applied to every stage of the production and management process.

European Projects

Unlock the potential of your business thanks to EU funds.

Smart Waste Management

If waste management is your business, then optimization is ours. We deploy digital solutions to facilitate the transition to the circular economy.

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Optimization of
operational costs


Projects financed
by EU funds


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"Serious and highly detail-oriented: moltosenso really makes the difference when you are looking for unexpected results."
andrea basso
Andrea Basso
"I had the opportunity to work with them on several European and national funding projects, where I could verify their great expertise, both managerial and technical. They are very helpful and professional."
Alessio Flego
"Professional app developers at a very reasonable price. Perfect mix of skill and value!"
Antonio Varriale
Blu5 Labs
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