A New European Data Strategy

The European Parliament recently approved the new European Data Strategy.

The European Data Strategy aims to create a common single market for data. This seeks to secure Europe’s leading position globally, as well as its sovereignty. Data will be able to circulate freely within the EU, fostering the economic development of companies in the new paradigm of Industry 4.0 and ensuring the security of Europeans.

The purpose of the European data strategy

For Europe’s digital transformation to succeed, effective rules will need to be established to ensure reliable technologies and give businesses the confidence and tools to digitize.

In this way, the European Union is attempting to assert its global role as a leader in digitization by implementing the European Data Strategy.

A strategy constructed from multiple pillars

A complex strategy for a global challenge

This strategy addresses several pillars in a comprehensive approach, seeking to address the current technology challenge from different perspectives. These include data governance (personal and industrial); the creation of a common European data space in areas considered strategic and of public interest and the promotion of higher investment in training. The latter in order to reduce the current digital skills gaps in society.

The various components of the European Data Strategy aim to put people at the center of technology development, protecting and promoting European values and rights in the ways technology is designed, developed, and implemented in the economy.

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