Case Studies

Our projects tell all about us. We implement the latest data analytics technologies across the most diverse industries.

Waste Management Projects

Applying data analytics technologies and circular economy models we can design innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.

ITOI: AI Tecnology for the Waste Management

ITOI provides a totally unique and revolutionary collection cycle optimization service. It empowers the transition from the current collection shift methodology to an intelligent forecasting system that optimizes fleet routes.


Sicut Mater

The project aims to develop, apply and evaluate the effectiveness of an innovative product that introduces efficient monitoring and management control methodologies in the management cycle of urban waste collection and treatment, in order to implement good practices in the circular economy.


Intercepting the Green Economy with BIFOUR

As a part of its work in the Green Economy and Circular Economy, the BIFOUR project promotes the valorization of waste by transforming it into energy. This is possible thanks to the synthesis of Biomethane from Biohydrogen produced by two-stage anaerobic Biodigestion.


Cidiu4U App

When we talk about smart waste management, we also talk about the Cidiu4U App, developed by moltosenso for iOS and Android.

EU Projects

More than a hundred consortiums have seen moltosenso as a successful partner. Find out more about how EU funds can make a difference for your company.

WASTECOSMART: the excellence of moltosenso in Europe

Started as part of the European Union's Seventh Framework Program, the project helped to develop new methodologies for analysis and intervention in order to enhance and increase the innovation capacity of the regional clusters focused on research and resource efficiency.


Innovation with Baladin in the agrifood sector

Behind the simplicity of a mug of beer lies the complexity of the combination of research, development and finance: typical elements of projects funded by the European Commission.


LIFE Projects

In the last ten years, moltosenso has been involved on several projects for LIFE calls, intercepting a wide range of needs in the environmental sector and providing technological and managerial know-how.


DECAT: in support of the Civil Protection

Started in 2016, to address environmental emergencies by preventing them. This is possible thanks to the implementation of different tools under a common strategy that make possible to alert and protect people in the case of natural (such as floods or earthquakes) or human-caused disasters.

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