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In this article we talk about information and communication technologies and much more.

Google and the ICT

Why is moltosenso such a reliable player in the field of information and communication technologies?

To answer this question we need to make a brief introduction.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT), represent the set of methodologies involved in the communication, reception and processing of digital content and computer inputs (including digital technologies).

Information and communication technologies includes all the business sectors involved in the design and technical development of digital communication. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs plays an important role in this sense, as well as the Ministry of Economic Development.

But there’s one more consideration, and this one concerns Silicon Valley.

Information and communication technologies: the role of moltosenso in Silicon Valley

The role of moltosenso in Silicon Valley
the role of moltosenso in Silicon Valley

Regarding information and communication technologies, moltosenso has played a very specific role in Silicon Valley, also thanks to the European Innovation Academy.

It’s hard to think about digital innovation without thinking about the Mountain View company. Without, typically, having in mind Silicon Valley, the leading companies in the industry and the prestigious universities that provide them with expertise and researchers.

The Silicon Valley is the main destination for the development of companies that make technology their strength. 

Apple, Google, HP, Intel, Adobe, Ebay for instance have their headquarters in Silicon Valley.

As many as 39 companies included in the “Fortune 1000” (the ranking published by Time on the largest U.S. companies by amount of revenue) and thousands of startups have their headquarters in Silicon Valley.

It is an ecosystem of businesses, universities and research centres that seems to belong to another planet.

What is probably not well known is that the history of moltosenso is linked to that ecosystem.

moltosenso in touch with Google’s excellence

moltosenso in touch with Google's excellence
moltosenso in touch with Google’s excellence

A few years after the conclusion of the university research courses carried out in Berkeley, moltosenso was involved in the first trade mission to the United States of Italian companies excelling in the field of ICT.

The mission, coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Development and facilitated by ICE, brought in 2014 moltosenso in contact with the excellence of Google, Yahoo and the various institutional realities represented by the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and the institutions of California.

A qualitative leap that has allowed the company to come into close contact with the global digital innovation and with all the financial and research actors that support the development and adoption of the major technological changes.

To understand how important global digital innovation is, just think that today one of the major growth factors of a business is the availability of resources to support such innovation.

moltosenso and the European Innovation Academy (EIA)

In 2016, following the suggestion of “Big G”, the Turin Chamber of Commerce sponsored a project: It is the participation of moltosenso in the acceleration path of the European Innovation Academy (EIA).

The first edition was held in Turin, with trainers from the most prestigious American and European universities and mentors from the main IT companies (Google, Amazon).

The European Innovation Academy (EIA) is a non-profit organisation. It has brought to Turin a 3-week (full time) acceleration program led by prestigious Silicon Valley startup accelerators. The project was carried out in collaboration with representatives of top institutions such as: UC Berkeley, Stanford University and Google.

It ranked as the largest business accelerator operating globally in Qatar, Italy, Portugal and China.

The ability of moltosenso to point out trajectories of digitalization and innovation is the result of constant work that has started a long time ago. From the patient, humble and courageous confrontation with the giants of ICT and the most influential decision makers in the world.

A dialogue possible thanks to the excellent level of technology and science, which is the only possible platform for dialogue and confrontation.

Only by seeing the great dynamics from “behind the scenes” can one get a precise idea of how much innovation is the result of a dedicated dedication to the details. Moreover, it is also the result of a passionate attention to the challenge of study, research and continuous training in information and communication technologies.

Together these elements contribute to the improvement of the quality of everyday life.

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