moltosenso and DECAT: supporting the Civil Protection

moltosenso and DECAT: What exactly is this about?

moltosenso‘s technological expertise can be the driving force for innovation in areas that we commonly think of as far apart.

This is the case of the European project DECATASTROPHIZE (DECAT), where moltosenso has actively collaborated in the management and implementation of innovative methodologies in support of European Civil Protection prevention systems, with the financial contribution of ECHO. This is why we talk about moltosenso and DECAT project.

The DECAT project started in February 2016. Its ambitious purpose is to respond and prevent environmental risks. All this is possible thanks to its strategies for alerting and securing people in the event of natural (such as floods or earthquakes) or man-made disasters.

moltosenso and DECAT: great partners for a great project

Great partners for a great project
Great partners for a great project

Together with partners from Cyprus, France, Greece, Spain, United Kingdom, Hungary and with the support of the Civil Protection of Piedmont Region, Sicily Region and Sardinia Region, moltosenso has contributed to the development of simulation, warning and rapid coordination methodologies and systems. All this to support the Civil Protection operations in case of natural and man-made disasters. The objective of DECAT was to use geospatial decision support systems (GE-DSS) for rapid implementation, interoperability, transferability and sustainability to assess and respond to a wide range of natural and man-made emergencies, disasters and environmental accidents. This is achieved by using existing models and systems in a synergistic way on a multi-platform dashboard, distributed and integrated in each partner country.

Overcome barriers

A tool capable of overcoming bureaucratic and organisational barriers has therefore been created. These barriers limit the coordination of Civil Protection, both at interregional and international level.

An important aspect, in the field of training and prevention, was to integrate risk assessment into the DECAT methodological framework.

The risk assessment is crucial for safety. It allows the correct preventive measures to be taken and their implementation to be planned, and it is also carried out taking into account every aspect and critical point.

A new direction in scientific research

moltosenso, DECAT and scientific research
moltosenso, DECAT and scientific research

From a scientific point of view, there is one thing to say. DECAT was the first concrete implementation that validated the frontier studies on multi-criteria analysis methodologies for the prevention of natural disasters.

DECAT also provided empirical evidence on the integration of decision-makers, research organisations and emergency centres. It also provided evidence on the alignment of activities related to the new mechanism for the civil protection. All as established by the European Commission.

This evidence has therefore opened up a new direction in scientific research.

In turn it drives for collaborative activities between the different institutions involved at an international level in training, exercises, exchange of experts, interoperability and transferability of modules, as well as in the use of information / maps derived from satellite remote sensing.

Project contribution

In its role as project manager and algorithmic solutions integrator, moltosenso has therefore contributed to creating better conditions and improving the capacity and awareness of the Civil Protection professionals and volunteers.

moltosenso has also benefited from the exchange of information, experience, good practices and knowledge aimed to improve the performance of the parties involved in the Civil Protection (professionals and public and private volunteers).

From a social point of view, moltosenso has helped to support EU candidate countries and potential candidates not participating in the Mechanism and European Neighbourhood Policy countries in the field of disaster preparation by improving mutual cooperation within the Civil Protection Mechanism of the Union and its Member States.

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