Smart Waste Management

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For moltosenso, Smart Waste Management means strategy and technology dedicated to the collection and treatment of waste. In other words, a most efficient waste management process. Indeed, our ICT team for Smart Waste Management focuses on the waste collection sector, and provides it with the best technologies able to monitoring waste and planning collection in a simple way. moltosenso is that: and company that can simplify your life thanks to the implementation of innovative and smart technologies.
Smart Waste Management
Smart Waste Management

Smart Waste Management: the future at your service

This is one of the core values of our highly experienced, dynamic and committed team. A very special group, which makes moltosenso the place where innovation really happens, providing the best solutions in a very simple and straight forward way.

Planning and monitoring: that's how we turn your needs into reality

Can you imagine a computer service that is so intelligent and efficient that it allows the citizen to never find him/herself with a garbage bin full under the house? Or maybe overflowing with garbage, in cases where the situation is not controlled? A computer service that monitors the garbage situation in real time, providing information not only to those in charge of the waste management, but also to the citizen, providing a “reminder” of when the next collection will take place. This is what “planning and monitoring” is all about: because the control that takes place through moltosenso’s new technologies makes it possible to better plan the collection cycle in the different areas. Try to think about what this means for you: maximum organization, less stress due to mismanagement of waste collection, time saved, and a more efficient service. All of this thanks to moltosenso’s ICT solutions.  
Data analysis
Monitoring and waste management

But how do we plan and monitor waste?

What may seem almost like “magic” to non-experts, we make extremely concrete and simple. It all starts with the proper analysis of what we call “Big Data Analytics.” Using Business Intelligence, waste collection operators can plan collection cycles in a smart and convenient way. Both for institutions and for the citizen. What is invested in technology is actually recovered in a relatively short time. This way our Smart Waste Management system allows all parties involved (the investor and the citizen), to save money. This means saving time and money and at the same time protecting our environment.    

What we do...

moltosenso mainly deals with all those solutions that are able to improve the level of service, increasing the ability to monitor the process, the administrative transparency, the reduction of costs, the usability of the data, and the possibility to communicate pervasively to the citizenship all that concerns the environmental protection and the waste management.

That’s why we are CONSTANTLY looking for methodologies and technologies that meet the needs of the territory and the client. Without ever losing creativity, curiosity and dynamic inspiration. Proposing applicable solutions that make everyone’s life really more… liveable.

Our waste management service is delivered through a complex management system. However, it is really easy to use and convenient for the end user.

Do you have a role of direct responsibility over your company or administrative entity?

Then you will understand that often the budget constraints and the need of a constant rationalization can be solved by technological innovations. At moltosenso we help you to obtain just that: savings resources that can be quantified both in the planning phase and in the final balance.

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moltosenso offers a consulting service aimed to the process optimization and digital transformation through the application of ICT solutions. offers a consulting service aimed to the process optimization and digital transformation through the application of ICT solutions.

Our solutions include the design and development of customized business intelligence systems that enable the creation of control dashboards designed for different levels of users. Contact us to learn more or to simply get more information.

A member of our team will answer you as soon as possible.

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