The ONDE project: innovation for the whole territory

There are seeds that become beautiful flowers, other majestic trees that defy time and generations.

The history of the ONDE project is the story of a small regional project that has become a big sign of change and a source of innovation for an entire territory.

A smart project, the ONDE project, which allows to optimize costs while respecting the environment: also thanks to the Piedmont Region and its willingness to promote the combination of the various skills operating in the field of urban waste.

Together with moltosenso, the project partners (Cidiu Servizi S.p.A., Politecnico di Torino, Nord Engineering S.r.l.) shared an ambitious vision of a first, radical digital transformation of the waste collection process.

It was 2015 and initiatives such as Piemonte Digitale 2029 had not even been conceived: it was in fact in a phase of early pioneering in which the Piedmont Region believed by allocating resources from the POR FESR.

The ONDE Project: a Business Intelligence project

Business Intelligence
The ONDE project: a business intelligence project

The project has set itself the objective of using the enormous amount of data generated by the waste collection cycle through the information acquired from vehicles, real walking sensors, containers, and the company’s databases.

The use of the system is simultaneously oriented towards the total administrative transparency, the engagement of citizens and an increasing ability to optimize the management costs.

Inspired by an organisational approach to the Internet of Data, the project has brought both administrations and citizens closer to the organisation that provides the waste management service.

This is done thanks to three application software that have been developed by moltosenso and that represent the heart of the project itself. The first is aimed at citizens, the second is intended for public administrations and the third is designed for the company providing the waste collection service.

It all starts with a correct analysis of what we call “Big Data Analytics”. Through Business Intelligence, waste management operators can plan collection cycles in a smart and convenient way. Both for institutions and citizens.

It all starts with a correct analysis of what we call “Big Data Analytics”. Through Business Intelligence, waste collection operators can plan collection cycles in a smart and convenient way. Both for institutions and citizens.

An app designed for citizens!

An app designed for citizens
An app designed for citizens

To be precise, the app for citizens (CIDIU4U) was one of the first “proprietary” applications designed by the territory for the territory. The valorization of the waste management company’s databases was combined with the concept of allowing municipalities to have an effective tool for environmental communication and training for citizens.

Imagine a computing service that is so intelligent and efficient that it allows the citizen to never find him/herself with a full garbage dumpster under the house. Or overflowing with rubbish, as happens when the situation is not controlled.

A real-time IT service that monitors the waste situation. It provides information not only to those in charge of waste management, but also to the citizen, as a “reminder” of when the new collection will take place.

A budget-reduced project has had enormous repercussions. CIDIU has started with moltosenso and with several actors of the applied research a process of continuous improvement. Also of strategic redefinition towards a digitalization of several processes.

moltosenso, on its behalf, has become the national reference for the identification and implementation of optimization methodologies for the different collection systems (ie.: door-to-door), becoming a reliable partner for the planning support of the collection service.

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moltosenso provides a consulting service that aims to optimize processes through the application of ICT solutions. You can also learn more about this topic in our article dedicated to Smart Waste Management and Waste Management.

Our wireless systems allow the monitoring of all types of activities and physical phenomena. Doing this through a practical Plug and Play system of sensors and actuators.

We also offer a detailed data processing system to our customers, who can benefit from a unique opportunity to optimize their processes.

That’s why thanks to moltosenso you can easily reduce your operating costs and make your life easier.

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