The WASTECOSMART project: the excellence of moltosenso in Europe

The WASTECOSMART project is one of the highlights of moltosenso in the waste management sector.

This (also) because moltosenso has always been a protagonist of international research and development projects.

Launched in 2013 within the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union, the project has contributed to the development of analysis and intervention methodologies. All of this to consolidate and increase the innovation capacity of the regional research-driven clusters in resource efficiency.

The roadmap for optimising integrated solid waste management strategies for maximising efficiency is structured through cooperation, research and technological development in the waste sector.

A key challenge for many European regions with the Wastecosmart project

moltosenso and the Wastecosmart project
moltosenso and the Wastecosmart project

On the European continent 3 billion tonnes of waste are disposed of in landfills or incinerated. It is therefore essential to make efforts to save resources and have a less significant impact on the environment in order to protect it.

The WASTECOSMART project and the optimization of integrated waste management is a key challenge for many European regions.

It requires the setting up of comprehensive waste management strategies, the assessment of research and innovation needs and informed decision-making on the design of policies, processes and technologies adapted to specific regional circumstances.

moltosenso has provided support to the modeling and management of the internal innovation processes of the stakeholders (Public Administration, Universities and Companies) of the Italian cluster, identified in the Piedmont Region. The other clusters were Paphos (Cyprus), Budapest and Central Region (Hungary), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Stockholm (Sweden) and Liverpool City Region (UK).

A global project

A global project
A global project

The global scope of the WASTECOSMART project is confirmed with the participation of partners from outside Europe. But also with the structuring of technological and commercial dissemination missions in Brazil, India, Mexico and South Africa.

During the three years of the project, moltosenso has therefore been part of an international directing board whose aims have been:

  • The promotion of transnational cooperation of waste management clusters based on the sharing of research results;
  • the development of a socio-economic model and the related IT tool. This is for decision support for the formulation of innovative waste management strategies;
  • the assessment of regional research and innovation needs and capacities in the field of waste management;
  • the design of a shared action plan and regional research programmes according to the needs of each individual regional cluster;
  • support in the implementation of the common action plan for each cluster, in particular for less developed areas in the waste management sector. This will unlock business opportunities in international markets.

The excellence that moltosenso achieves today for the waste management sector is therefore the combined result of technical and managerial expertise. But that’s not all: also the participation in international projects such as the WASTECOSMART project. And the continuous collaboration with the territory and with the national and foreign network. It is actively involved in the processes of social, technological and economic innovation.

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