For more than 10 years we have been accompanying all kinds of organizations on the path of R&D and digitalization and optimization.

In moltosenso crediamo, infatti, che ogni azienda e ogni progetto possano e debbano accedere a soluzioni tecnologiche innovative, progettate in modo personalizzato, che permettano di intercettare quei benefici che la Digitalizzazione e l’ottimizzazione dei Processi possono portare.

Nonostante i comprovati benefici che l’Innovazione Tecnologica e la Digitalizzazione dei Processi possono portare, e nonostante i risultati finanziari che si possono raggiungere, molte aziende non riescono a fare il primo passo su questa strada.

Dai Big Data alla Business Intelligence, dalle (web)app ai sensori IoT, moltosenso accompagna la vostra azienda con un team di professionisti specializzati in aree trasversali, afferenti al mondo ICT, della finanza e dell’ottimizzazione dei processi, per fare empowering del vostro business, delineando con voi processi più snelli, efficaci e capaci di inseguire i repentini cambiamenti cui la società ci costringe.

I progetti di successo e la soddisfazione dei clienti dimostrano l’eccellenza dei nostri servizi di consulenza ICT.

moltosenso means innovation


With more than 10 years of experience and a team with the best european project managers from different sectors, moltosenso had the opportunity to lead more than one hundred of organizations in applying for European and regional development funds. As European project managers, our support is present during the whole process: we guide our customers in the implementation of their best ideas. First we start with an in-depth knowledge of the subject, identifying strengths and identifying the best funding opportunities. Then we guide them in the preparation and presentation of the project, choosing the most suitable European or regional development funding instrument (POR FESR, INTERREG, ALCOTRA, MED) to achieve the desired result and we build a consortium that includes the most appropriate partners: private companies, university research centres and final users.


The project aims to develop, apply and evaluate the effectiveness of an innovative product that introduces efficient monitoring and management control methodologies in the management cycle of municipal waste collection and treatment, in order to implement good practices in the circular economy.

In order to achieve administrative transparency and optimize management costs, this project was based on the use of the large amount of data generated by the waste collection cycle through the information acquired from vehicles, containers and the databases of the companies.

As part of its work in the Green and Circular Economy, the BIFOUR project promotes the valorization of waste by transforming it into energy.

This is possible thanks to the synthesis of Biomethane from Biohydrogen produced by two-stage anaerobic Biodigestion.

Launched within the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union, the project has contributed to the development of methodologies of analysis and intervention to consolidate and increase the innovation capacity of the regional research-oriented clusters in resource efficiency.

Started in 2016, its ambitious purpose is to address and prevent environmental risks. All of this is thanks to strategies that make it possible to alert and safeguard people in the event of natural (such as floods or earthquakes) or man-made disasters.

After the successful conclusion of the university research programs carried out in Berkeley, moltosenso was involved in the first trade missions of top Italian ICT companies to the United States , participating later in the European Innovation Academy (EIA) accelerator program conducted in Turin.