Digitization and Process Optimization? Industry 4.0? We've got you covered.

ICT Consulting moltosenso: take your business to a new level

moltosenso’s ICT consulting service provides integral support to your business and prepares you to be part of the Industry 4.0.

moltosenso is the perfect ICT partner to support any innovative business project and to strengthen the digital skills of your human resources.

We’re a leader in the implementation of the latest data analytics technology. Without the right tools, the data generated by your business operations can turn into something confusing and expensive. For a business to succeed, you need to boost the way you manage data, transforming it into critical information to make your decisions.

Each year it is estimated that companies lose 30% of their generated value in process costs.
With moltosenso’s data management technologies, start on to digitize the key processes that make your business successful. No matter your company’s sector, our ICT consulting service allows you to be a key player in the new digital transformation era.

Without proper planning, addressing the digitization of your organization’s processes can result in huge infrastructure costs, a frustrated staff, and the generation of massive amounts of data that are unlikely to be useful. With our ICT solutions, it is possible to develop a strategy that is tailored to the real needs of both your business and your sector, reducing operational costs and optimizing the final results.

Business Intelligence

Successful strategic planning means that your decisions are based on accurate information. This is why we support your company in the process of managing and understanding your data. We develop dashboards that can support the strategic planning of your business.

Ottimizzazione dei Processi

Automation and smart factories are the new stars of industrials 4.0. However, to see the true benefits of these technologies, digitization cannot be limited to just a few activities. It is important to fully integrate the production systems.

Our optimization algorithms cover every step of the production and management process. Thanks to the application of big data and AI technologies, our process optimization solutions allow you to reduce your operating costs and to have a better insight into the key operational processes.

The first step

Process digitization and optimization

The key to a successful business

Business Intelligence
Data analytics
Predictive analysis models

moltosenso’s ICT consulting services include a wide range of solutions that can digitize a sector that is key for the transition to a circular economy. 

We allow companies from the waste management sector to rely on a set of digital tools that can enhance the resource monitoring on the territory and increase the operational transparency towards the citizens and the public administration.

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Our ICT consulting service includes the presentation and management of projects, whether they are based on European, national or regional calls.

With more than 12 years of experience and a team made up by the best European project managers of every technical-scientific and socio-economic sector, moltosenso had the opportunity to guide more than one hundred consortiums in their application for European and regional development funds.

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