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Waste Management

moltosenso's ICT consulting services include a wide range of solutions that can digitize a sector that is key for the transition to a circular economy.

A new way of thinking about waste management

We allow companies from the waste management sector to rely on a set of digital tools that can enhance the resource monitoring on the territory and increase the operational transparency towards the citizens and the public administration.

ITOI, Industry 4.0 arrives to the waste management sector 

ITOI system allows you to switch from the current model based on periodic collection shifts to an intelligent forecasting system that optimizes vehicle routes, reducing operational costs and the resulting CO2 emissions. An AI system continuously monitors the requirements of the community, allowing the company to meet the real needs of waste collection. Industry 4.0 is now possible in a sector usually excluded from the latest technological advances.

Monitoring 4.0

moltosenso’s business intelligence system provides you with a comprehensive dashboard with accurate and reliable information that you can communicate transparently to your stakeholders.

Our software can be adapted to the current accounting system of your company, improving the transparency of operations and ensuring compliance with any local regulation.

Be smart. Be predictive

If the waste management is your business, optimizing processes is ours

Smart Collection

We develop predictive collection systems. No more overflowing containers or empty container collection.


Get the most out of your data and gain more insight into what's happening in the area.

Cost reduction

A smart collection system that allows you to reduce your operational cost.

Some of our projects

Our projects speak for us. Find out what we do and become part of the Industry 4.0 by applying the latest data analytics technologies.

ITOI: AI Tecnology for the Waste Management

ITOI provides a totally unique and revolutionary collection cycle optimization service. It empowers the transition from the current collection shift methodology to an intelligent forecasting system that optimizes fleet routes.


Sicut Mater

The project aims to develop, apply and evaluate the effectiveness of an innovative product that introduces efficient monitoring and management control methodologies in the management cycle of urban waste collection and treatment, in order to implement good practices in the circular economy.


Intercepting the Green Economy with BIFOUR

As a part of its work in the Green Economy and Circular Economy, the BIFOUR project promotes the valorization of waste by transforming it into energy. This is possible thanks to the synthesis of Biomethane from Biohydrogen produced by two-stage anaerobic Biodigestion.


Cidiu4U App

When we talk about smart waste management, we also talk about the Cidiu4U App, developed by moltosenso for iOS and Android.

"I had the opportunity to work with them on several European and national funding projects, where I could verify their great expertise, both managerial and technical. They are very helpful and professional."
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