Cidiu4U App: the waste
management system in one click

When we talk about smart waste management, we also talk about the Cidiu4U App, developed by moltosenso for IOS and Android.

Available for download completely free of charge from the Play Store and App Store, it has an interface that allows even those with visual disabilities to easily, effectively and immediately access to it.

We are particularly proud of how we have conceived and developed Cidiu4U App, because its design has excellently represented the proximity between technology and the citizen. More than that, it has shown that technology can be a valuable ally for the environment and people, improving their lifestyle.


Cidiu4U App: Easy, handy and completely intuitive to use

Because the Cidiu4U App was created taking into account the citizen’s real needs, with focus on intelligent eco-sustainability.

Among the main features of the app is its collection calendar, which allows you to stay up to date on days and times to correctly dispose the waste.

Thanks to GPS system, it is possible to find the closest waste bins, sorted by type.

Besides, the system is able to personalize the experience and provide precise data on one’s own disposal habits.


Cidiu4U app

Other benefits form using this App

A very convenient and functional option is the “waste dictionary”, which offers a description of the type of waste, indicating also how to dispose it properly.

It is also possible to book the collection of bulky materials, allowing the citizen to have a direct channel to request a personalized collection service to Cidiu: no more endless hours of waiting at the toll-free number.

An open channel of communication

The app acts as a tool and as a communication channel between the waste collection company and the citizen, making the work of the company more transparent, educating the user and improving the final results of the collection.

Thanks to the app it is also possible to send reports with photos, to inform about possible inefficiencies or behaviors not in line with the correct waste disposal.

Cidiu4U also provides access to the updated production of ecological street dumpsters, quantifying the percentage of separate collection and the costs associated with the waste-to-energy of non recycling waste. Thanks to this feedback, the citizen has a clear knowledge of the impact of his or her own behavior in the management of recycling on the community.

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