ITOI - AI Tecnology for the Waste Management

Moltosenso is happy introduce of a new service dedicated to the waste management and the circular economy sector. ITOI provides a unique and revolutionary collection cycle optimization service. It allows the transition from the current system of collection shifts -where routes are static and cyclical, i.e. periodical- to an intelligent forecasting system that optimizes truck routes. This way it is possible to significantly reduce both operational costs and the resulting CO2 emissions. ITOI’s predictive technology, based on an AI system for data analysis, makes it possible to prevent the bins from overfilling, without the need to install additional devices or sensors in the bins. As a result, the operative time of each collecting vehicle can be maximized, while minimizing investment costs and ensuring an efficient and transparent service to the served municipalities.


In the era of digitalization and the Industry 4.0 paradigm, planning waste collection routes is still based on static criteria, such as the bin location, and personal factors, like drivers’s experience. This results in planning more shifts than necessary, because -not being able to rely on knowledge of the real-time productivity of the containers- there is a general trend to overestimate each container’s capacity. ITOI is changing this model thanks to an AI technology able to continuously monitor the area, responding to the real needs of the cities.
ITOI Cycle

Benefits for the companies

Reduce Costs The new routes are dynamic and maximize the working time of each collection truck, reducing operating and maintenance costs by up to 25%. All of this without installing any new equipment or sensors on containers. Smart Collection ITOI processes the data that is continuously provided by the collection vehicles, predicting the fill level of each bin and the potential seasonal periods. Reduced environmental impact Less time spent by vehicles on the streets means a significant reduction in traffic jams and more open space for citizens to move around. Customized solution The system can be customized according to the size of the territory, the type of waste collected and the characteristics of the company.

Research and development to protect the environment

ITOI is the final result of more than 5 years of R&D, during which the cost optimization and the reduction of the environmental impact generated by a key sector for the circular economy, such as that of waste collection, have been the pillars that allowed the creation of an innovative service able to meet the the needs of the industry. This AI project has been made possible thanks to the contribution of various players in the sector, including the most important R&D centers in the Piedmont Region. The development of ITOI was led by moltosenso and Cidiu Group. Interested in knowing more about the ITOI system? Visit the website and contact us for more information.
Research and Development
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