Waste management and circular economy:
the Sicut Mater Project

Sicut Mater is an innovative project that has a positive impact on our lives: in fact, it allows citizens and companies to save money and effectively organice the waste collection and reduce any potential impact on the environment.

The project was developed in partnership with Volsca Ambiente e Servizi Spa and the European Research Institute (ERI), with the support of the Regione Lazio FESR.

The door-to-door waste collection system becomes “on demand“: when the bin has reached its maximum capacity, the citizen presses a simple button on the personal device, so the waste management company takes charge of the collection request.

This one organices the routes according to the actual demand from the territory, avoiding unnecessary stops and detours to empty the containers.

The availability of predictive algorithms for waste management, based on collection data, allows numerical estimation of the production of the different types of waste.

This way it is possible to predict what and how many “secondary raw materials” will be produced.

Benefits of the Sicut Mater project

The Sicut Mater project is useful for:

  • develop and test an smart device that allows the citizen to communicate to the operator the need  of the container to be collected (waste collection on demand);
  • develop a bidirectional communication system (citizen/manager; manager/citizen) that provides information on the collection calendar and environmental initiatives;
  • apply a collection route planning model that optimizes time, reduces emissions, and makes the best use of the operator’s resources;
  • Significantly contribute to the Circular Economy not only by addressing resource optimization aspects (reduced consumption/time consumption, reduced emissions, lower carbon footprint) but also by creating the conditions for mapping the productivity of secondary raw materials from door-to-door collection.
infinity sign: circular economy

Pay as you throw - PAYT

Further developments following Sicut Mater are therefore a more in-depth analysis of secondary raw material flows and experimentation with pay as you throw (PAYT) methodologies based on objective citizen behaviour.

What’s this about? It is an artificial intelligence calculation system, which allows the determination of a precise value based on the exact amount of waste produced and the services required.

In doing so, it is no longer based on the presumption of waste production, which may not be entirely true, but on its precise observation, through the monitoring of the algorithm and the assignment of a unique code.

In other words, thanks to moltosenso it is possible to develop the concept of “precision collection and management“.

In conclusion…

It is therefore clear how much the beneficial effects of ICT moltosenso extend to everyone: ecology, companies, professionals and the citizens.

It is a way to educate every person, in an intelligent, simple and practical way, to respect the environment and awareness. Because every action of ours has an impact, more or less strong, on what surrounds us.

The benefits of artificial intelligence arrive in support of man and nature, in a revolutionary and practical way, respecting an environment with fragile balances, which we must respect and protect all.

Circular Economy
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