the excellence of moltosenso in Europe

The WASTECOSMART project is one of moltosenso’s achievements in the field of waste management.

This is because moltosenso has always been a key player in international R&D projects.

Started as part of the European Union’s Seventh Framework Program, the project helped to develop new methodologies for analysis and intervention in order to enhance and increase the innovation capacity of the regional clusters focused on research and resource efficiency.

The roadmap for optimizing integrated solid waste management strategies to maximize efficiency is structured through cooperation, research and technological development.

A key challenge for many European regions with the Wastecosmart project

The WASTECOSMART project and the optimization of integrated waste management is a key challenge for many European regions.

It required the formulation of comprehensive waste management strategie and the assessment of research and innovation needs as well as an informed decision making process regarding the selection of policies, processes and technologies that appropriate for any regional circumstances.

moltosenso provided support to the modeling and management of the internal innovation processes of the stakeholders (Public Administration, Universities and SMEs) within the Italian cluster, identified in the Piedmont Region. Other clusters were Paphos (Cyprus), Budapest and Central Region (Hungary), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Stockholm (Sweden) and Liverpool City Region (UK).

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The contribution of moltosenso

During the three years of the project, moltosenso took part. In this period, the goal was to promote transnational cooperation of waste management clusters, based on the sharing of research results. It was developed a socio-economic model using IT tools, to support decision-making in order to support the creation of innovative waste management strategies.

In addition, there was an assessment of the regional waste management research and innovation needs and capabilities and it was developed a common plan and a
regional research program based on the needs of each of the regional cluster.

A global project

The global scope of the WASTECOSMART project is confirmed by the participation of partners from outside Europe. But also by the creation of technological and commercial dissemination missions in Brazil, India, Mexico and South Africa.

The excellence that moltosenso achieves today in the waste management sector is therefore the combined result of technical and managerial expertise. Moreover, it is also the result of the participation in international projects such as the WASTECOSMART project and of the continuous interaction with the territory and with national and international networks. This can be found in the processes of social, technological and economic innovation.

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