Synopsis: A step forward in digital transformation

Synopsis: Data visualization

Motivated by the trend and their own need for digital transformation, many companies have initiated extensive and onerous processes with the aim of improving their operations and increasing their efficiency. Often, this has meant incorporating powerful systems for collecting and analyzing different types of data: the behavior of their customers, the production process or even the market. However, the more immediate information they provide is balanced by the fact that they are responsible for generating a lot of data that is often left behind without proper analysis. This is due to the fact that in order to achieve greater efficiency, it requires some additional management effort. Moltosenso takes it a step further by enabling an integral digital transformation through Synopsis.

Examples of application: Waste management

Waste collection companies usually base their operation on the application of technologies and systems of different types and extraction. Each of them is conceived and designed to be able to efficiently execute a small part of the process. Often these technologies are created without a proper end-to-end view of the process, generating inconsistencies and problems in making them work systematically.

map of trucks: synopsis
Map of tucks

The benefits of Synopsis for the digital transformation

Synopsis has been designed with the aim of establishing bridges between the different components involved within a complex production system, such as the waste collection process. That includes a wide variety of elements, such as collection vehicle management, on-board computers, dumpster control, route planning and equipment maintenance. 

Business Intelligence for decision making

When we analyze the benefits of business intelligence, we pointed out how it supports the decision-making process. With the proper analysis of the waste collection process, it is possible to identify different users involved. Each of them plays different roles within the organization, but their decisions often impact the productivity of the entire system. Thus, it is important they can have the right amount of information, avoiding extensive reports, and allowing them to be timely and reliable. 

For this purpose, the Synopsis system is specially designed to provide real-time information about the main indicators or KPIs of each process. In addition to this, it improves the level of transparency of the decision, thanks to the fact that each action is taken based on the analysis of real data of the territory.

Operational statistics: waste management
Operational statistics presentation

Synopsis and the optimization of a decision process

Each user of the system is thus able to detect any deviation, acting promptly to avoid major problem.  Plus, the application of data analysis tools allows the discovery of new improvement areas and predicts the impact of potential solutions. 

Synopsis: Data visualization
Dashboards for data visualization

Data visualization and the decision making process

Along with a proper data integration and analysis, Synopsis offers a completely intuitive visual interface. This way, the user is able to look at the process in an increasingly understandable and intuitive way. The variety of dashboards is made possible through the application of high-precision statistical tools designed by our team of data analytics experts.

Thanks to Synopsis, users have an agile, functional and intuitive way to control and optimize process performance in real time.

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moltosenso offers a consulting service aimed to the process optimization and digital transformation through the application of ICT solutions. offers a consulting service aimed to the process optimization and digital transformation through the application of ICT solutions.

Our solutions include the design and development of customized business intelligence systems that enable the creation of control dashboards designed for different levels of users.
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