Circular Economy and Waste Management

Circular Economy

Talking about Circular Economy means thinking about Waste Management. This new paradigm is based on the famous 4 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover.

This makes it possible to move from a linear economy to a circular one, where materials and energy circulate and stay within the system.

What's the role of waste management in the circular economy?

To answer this question, all you need to do is looking at the actual scope of the Recovery and Recycling activities. These two activities are only possible through an efficient waste collection and treatment system.

Recover: wherever possible the energy trapped in the non-recyclable waste material.

Recycling: reprocessing materials in such a way as to return them to their original state, creating the so-called “second raw materials” (since they are raw materials for a second time).

Cidiu4U Dashboard
Communication with citizens
The role of waste collection companies begins long before the citizen throws their waste. Waste collection companies play a key role in communicating and promoting best practices, such as proper household waste sorting.

Together with the waste collection company CIDIU, moltosenso has developed the CIDIU4U app, creating a new channel of communication with citizens.

The value of secondary raw materials


Una migliore selezione dei vari materiali ha un impatto sulla qualità e sulla quantità delle materie prime seconde che possono essere prodotte. Una migliore separazione significa una maggiore purezza, che permette di fabbricare una maggior quantità di prodotti a partire da questi materiali, riducendo così la necessità di nuove risorse.

A better sorting of the different materials has an impact on the quality and quantity of secondary raw materials that can be produced. Better sorting means greater purity, which allows more products to be manufactured from these materials, decreasing the demand for new materials.

Waste sorting: circular economy
Operational statistics: waste management
Data Analysis in the Waste Management

Handling data and the waste management process

Thanks to the new technologies that enable the collection and analysis of large volumes of data, waste collection companies are able to fully optimize their operations. Today, it is possible to better understand people’s trends and behaviors, how they process, sort and dispose their waste. This allows the development of more efficient systems for communicating with the citizens. Most importantly, it allows the creation of new ways to optimize the routes of the waste collection vehicles, such as the Synopsis system developed by moltosenso, which reduce costs and ensure a stable and higher quality flow of materials that will become secondary raw materials.

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